Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Grand Entrance" 9X12 Oil

I don't even remember exactly where along the Oregon coast I found this scene however I found it quite unusual.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Small (6X8) Oil Studies

I have been trying to complete a painting or drawing every day. So I make small 6X8 oil studies, as well as small drawings and watercolor paintings in my sketch book. These are a few of the oils.

Corvallis Riverfront in Oil

This is a redo of a painting I did about two years ago as part of Vistas and Vineyards (which by the way starts again in about three weeks.)

"Grapes of Wrath" near McMinville in Oil

This painting is based on a vineyard we visited last year. I am trying to be more "painterly".

"Pull Toys" at Port Orford

On the way home from Brookings, OR we stopped at Port Orford which has a rather unusual port. The boats must be lowered into the water by a crane, and stored on wheels.

"Cash For Clunkers" in Oil

I made this painting a couple of years ago and decided I could now improve it. Oil is great for doing this. I use far more paint and color now.

Relics at Bodie in Watercolor

I have done little watercolor painting in the past few months however I was so impressed with the paintings at the recent WSO show that I have to get back into it. This is actually watercolor with a bit of gouache.
Bodie is a historical park in California.

Laura in Oil by Me and Edith Harrison

This was a joint effort with Edith Harrison my teacher. I am trying to develop this type of "painterly" style. It may take a few more years.