Monday, May 25, 2009

Schreiner's Iris Gardens (Oil)

This was the second Vistas & Vineyards outing at Schreiner's Iris Gardens north of Salem. I wanted to paint a single flower because the place is somewhat overwhelming with flowers. This is an oil painting on a small 6X8 canvas. I also completed some ink sketches. We has about 20 painters attending.

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CVOChristi said...


I like the Iris, very nice. I can't imagine doing oils on location. I'm going to give oil pastels a try and see what comes of it.
You and I met as the only participants of a Corvallis SketchCrawl on the river front, maybe last fall? I'm wondering about Vista's & Vineyards... somewhere I read that non-members are welcome, but wonder what the protocol for that is. I might like to try a couple locations this summer. Let me know how to go about that. Thanks! Chris