Friday, June 5, 2009

Albany, OR Back Alley (Watercolor)

This week Vistas & Vineyards painted in Albany's Old Town. While most of the group was painting in the park by the river, a few of us were more interested in the local buildings. This started as an ink sketch using a rapidograph pen, it soon turned into a watercolor. At 1 pm when we all met for a critique this painting was in its "ugly" phase however I was later able to rescue it, at least somewhat. Anyway it was fun to do. It is 7X10 on Arches cold press paper.


Parapluie said...


CVOChristi said...

Mike, Very nice. I think I can picture the block.

I can't find an email address for you. So I'll try here...can anyone join in for V&V? I know there is a membership, but didn't know if not being a member limits me from coming. (Remember me, we were the only two participants for the SketchCrawl on the Corvallis river front?)

Anonymous said...

Oh wow this is gorgeous. I do love urban landscape.