Thursday, July 24, 2008

20th Annual daVinci Days

Every year in July, Corvallis sponsors daVinci Days.  This event includes art, music, contests, exhibits and many hands on activities plus a race with human-powered, all-terrain, road-worthy , mud and water slogging, kinetic vehicles. 
At the Art Center's Art Guild booth we had a live model for artists to paint or draw as well as an activity called the "daVinci Draw" where young and old had the opportunity to test their drawing ability.  We used the exercise  from Betty Edward's book in which they replicated a line drawing of the Mona Lisa upside down.  Some of the resulting drawings were quite good.
On the first day I decided to do a drawing of our model who was wearing a period outfit.  She modeled for the entire two day event.  On the second day she changed outfits and I did the oil portrait.


seesue said...

I love this! Such an interesting angle.

Angie in AZ said...

These are fabulous! Love the colors you chose for the oil.

Stephanie said...

lots of fun! if I had known I would have driven down to corvallis! It's only about 3 hours from portland right? Love both of the art works the color one is amazing!

MaryO said...

It sounds like a wonderful day. And you've produced a couple of lovely pieces from it. Nice work!